The Challenge

One of the largest retailers in the US wanted to modernize their loyalty offering in order to reach new customers and deliver value across channels.

Gemic was brought in to help define the core tenets of this new program and steer the customer experience.

Our Approach

We started with the customer and examined what truly drove loyalty to the retailer. We identified a set of key principles behind the company’s success and worked with a cross-functional team to embed these into the loyalty program and customer experience. 

The Key Insight

Loyalty wasn’t the outcome of the rewards being offered, rather it was an outcome of select in store and online experiences that build trust in the retailer and made customers feel like a winner. 

The Outcome


We created a list of loyalty program tenets that could steer the business as it built out new products and services.


We helped the company identify and visualize a loyalty flywheel that operated across channels.

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