The Challenge

With the inevitable shift toward connected vehicles, entertainment companies are teaming up with automakers to create new in-vehicle media offerings—but few have created truly novel media experiences.

We partnered with a multinational mass media & entertainment conglomerate and an auto company to steer a strategy for creating new connected media experiences.

Our Approach

We started by reframing the industry’s assumptions about media consumption by showing how existing offerings have relied on the model of media engagement established by the mobile phone.

This involved getting immersed in people’s experiences of time and attention before mapping new entertainment opportunities to the context of the vehicle.

Photo of a person driving a car. Photo credit: Austin Neill, Unsplash.

The Key Insight

We learned that unlike the mobile experience, the vehicle experience is always defined by external variables: the destination, the social configuration in the vehicle, the world outside, and driving itself—all relationships which can form a part of integrated media experiences.

The Outcome


We provided two emerging models of media engagement to serve as a foundation for developing novel in-vehicle media experiences


We prioritized 6 opportunity directions, each with a clear design challenge and set of product concepts

What does the future hold for the key global industries that depend on the transportation of goods and people?
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