The Challenge

Professional Creation– in architecture, film, and industrial design – presents itself as a collective and collaborative endeavor. Creative work lies within a broader “ecosystem” of stakeholders, collaborators, and technical tools.

Through this project, we mapped Creator ecosystems, and provided detailed documentation of Creator workflows, as well as insights on the future of hybrid and distributed creation.

Our Approach

This study is a methodological experiment on how we might use ethnographic research methods to capture granular, concrete data.

We studied 4 SMBs in creative industries, interviewing internal teams on how they collaborate. Additionally, we conducted a three-day diary study to provide hyper-specific data on technical specifications, creator software, and day-in-the-life practices.

The Key Insight

Each Creator Ecosystem is made up of a central “Heart” and three arteries of work: individual, collaborative, and logistical. The Heart – usually a server, a VPN network, or a cluster of hard drives – maintains a healthy functioning ecosystem, so Creators can complete their individual, collaborative, and logistical tasks within a given project.

The Outcome


Key insights on hybrid and distributed creation


Mappings of Creator Ecosystems


A visualization of the workflows which ties together three types of work and ties in significant “war stories” (key challenges).


An appendix deck with a compilation of granular data for each Creator detailing device setup, workflow habits and ideal visions

How might a media and entertainment company partner with an automobile company to create new in-vehicle media experiences?
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