The Challenge

The world’s leading consumer product company approached us with an ambitious ask: help them design a methodology for identifying new billion-dollar categories that do not exist yet.

Our Approach

  • We believe that all consumer products are fundamentally born to support human ideals around common behaviors. To understand where to play in the future, Gemic’s social scientists would have to understand how universal human behaviors and related ideals, such as child-rearing practices, might have evolved further than the associated product categories
  • We carefully crafted a connection between ethnographic research, socio-historical cultural analysis, and category analysis, demonstrating patterns of co-evolution

The Key Insight

Most everyday products and categories on the shelf were born in a different time, answering the needs of consumers in different socio-cultural contexts, with different ideals. 

These dated ideas are embedded within everyday products on supermarket shelves. To recognize a product as a dated solution, one must look at products and their categories in their historical context and understand how behaviors and human ideals of everyday life are evolving.

The Outcome


We developed a unique framework that allows our client to explore and identify new business opportunities in holistic and contextualized ways


We delivered clear long-term innovation focus areas, venturing targets


A long-term collaboration between the client and Gemic

How does a financial services firm differentiate through digital transformation, in an industry of ‘sameness’?
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