The Challenge

With seismic shifts taking place in the auto industry, automakers need to place forward-looking bets. But placing successful bets and winning the future will require companies to align with living infrastructures and cultural narratives that are still forthcoming. A leading global automaker partnered with us to map this landscape of future value drivers for the auto industry through 2030.

Our Approach

  • We developed a unique model for understanding and forecasting systemic change in culture, technology, living ecosystems, and human experiences
  • We approached the emergent future from multiple vantage points and worked in close collaboration with the client to make sense of the interplay between emerging demand-side value drivers, infrastructural development, and company offerings

The Key Insight

The future doesn’t just happen – consumer behavior co-evolves with political discourse, macro-economic shifts, socio-cultural change, and everyday living infrastructure with associated technologies. The smartest companies understand the emerging context and design value propositions into a world that’s already in the making.

The Outcome


We established a clear 2030 vision with outlined focus areas for capital allocation and strategic focus areas for further study


We built an inspirational situation room in which all of the company’s top leadership was challenged to think about the future in a new way

How does a giant B2B food, facility management, and health & wellness provider coherently reinvent itself to better serve and impact existing and emerging communities?
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