The Challenge

Our client, one of the world’s largest B2B food, facility management, and health & wellness providers, was facing existential challenges with eroding margins and loss of service portfolio relevance. The client’s executive board approached us to identify tomorrow’s value drivers and develop a North Star for business transformation.

Our Approach

  • Using our proprietary approach to identify systemic transformations, we charted out how the world is likely to evolve in 10 years through the lens of 5 key themes that we identified as highly impactful to the client’s business at hand
  • We studied how and why societies, businesses, and end-consumer expectations are evolving in the US, China, and Europe
  • We collaborated closely with the client team to contextualize foresight work in ways that are relevant to the business

The Key Insight

In the forthcoming wave of consumption, consumers will evolve into participants who proactively seek to make a positive impact through their everyday choices. 

The winning corporations will enable systemic wellness, providing interrelated individual, communal, economic, and ecological care in a transparent way. In this new era, corporations that only satisfy individual consumption needs and desires, will lose relevance.

The Outcome


We delivered a clear perspective on the future that drives forward-looking business decisions at the highest level


We identified 5 radically transformative business opportunity areas that were evaluated from a future-back approach with our client's executive board to design a transformational journey for the company

How does a global home appliance company move past the dated category logic it shaped and reinvent how it approaches innovation?
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