The Challenge

Over the last decade, the white-goods industry has seen only incremental innovation. However, recent shifts in homemaking, regulation, and shopping behaviors have started to shake consumer and industry logic. To respond to forthcoming changes, a leading global home appliance maker partnered with us to inform a global growth strategy and create a future-back innovation portfolio. 

Our Approach

  • We identified key change actors and their future narratives across culture, technology, infrastructure, regulation, and retail
  • Employing a multi-dimensional research approach, we analyzed patterns of co-evolution and the emergence of new value networks
  • We engaged key executives across functions – from R&D, product, marketing, and strategy – to develop a shared understanding of change and vision for growth

The Key Insight

Home appliance makers must escape the commodification trap and move beyond a dated category logic of automating tasks. The next generation of winners will design product and service systems that truly connect people to their ideals of good living.

The Outcome


We developed a systemic theory of how change will unfold in the home appliance industry


We identified a unique role for our client to shape the industry, which is informed by the 100-year history of the organization and thus, creating a strong shared narrative for change


We introduced a set of opportunity platforms to allocate capital and resources for optimal returns across our client’s future bets

How might the next generation of smart kitchens better serve Millennial & Gen Z households?
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