The Challenge

The nature of human labor is fundamentally transforming, and this changes the needs that all companies that support their labor, including their transportation needs.

A leading US automotive firm partnered with us to project the future demand for commercial vehicles across industries & geographies, and chart those industries’ changing dynamics in the coming decade and beyond.

Our Approach

To arrive at a differentiated and value-adding perspective on commercial transportation, we approached each of the key industries by exploring their underlying logics and how those logics drive natural progressions based on contextual changes.

This involved examining their underlying value drivers & dynamics, and the lived experiences of their workers, before jumping into an exercise projecting how these would change based on a comprehensive shifting contextual assessment.

The Key Insight

We learned that building and servicing communities is the key need driving demand for commercial transportation, and that that work is often invisible & underappreciated. 

There is so much potential to enhance the productivity & experience manual workers, just waiting to be unleashed. That opportunity is rapidly coming to the fore, and construction is front and center.

The Outcome


We developed a clear future vision of 8 global industries, identified which were must-win, and how to win in their near & far futures


We designed strategies for embedding data connectivity into new products & services to support key industries


We built the client’s perspective on how the future ideals of aspirational work should inform their brand & purpose

How can a health network better invest in its nursing staff to enhance their work experience and improve retention?
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