About our Internship Program

All you need to know before applying to be an intern at Gemic.

We are currently re-aligning internally on some of the qualifications and intentions of the program. While we would typically begin a recruiting/application cycle in October, things will be a little bit delayed. That said, we do plan to open applications for Summer/Fall 2024 internships in all of our locations very soon. Please check back for more details or email for updates. Thank you for your interest in Gemic! 

If you’re looking for information on fellowships, please check our Fellowship Program page.

Watch the recording of our webinar Q & A panel about the internship and fellowship programs, featuring Gemic staff and previous Gemic interns.


What is the Gemic Internship?

The internship is an opportunity for ambitious thinkers to learn the ropes of Gemic-style consulting.

Internships are full-time, paid engagements that typically run for 3 months, with interns being fully integrated members of project work and culture. A successful internship is also a pathway into a permanent entry-level Strategist role at Gemic.

Who should apply to the internship?

The internship is best suited for final year undergrad or grad students, recent grads and/or those with under 2 years of experience who have a genuine interest in a consulting career.

How can I apply for the internship?

Applications are accepted via our website. Your complete application will include your CV, transcripts, and responses to a few short answer questions.

What is the internship recruiting timeline?

We run application cycles twice a year. Applications open in October, for the upcoming summer internship period (May – October). Applications open in late May, for the upcoming winter internship period (January – April). Internship applications will only be accepted during the application intake period, which is roughly 3 weeks.

Once the application in-take period is closed, the candidate evaluation period (including interviews) is roughly 4 weeks.

Successful applicants are expected to complete their internships during the designated internship period.

What does the application process entail?

To apply for the internship, you will need to submit your CV, student transcripts (if applicable) and responses to 2-3 short answer questions. These responses are the first application piece evaluated so note this is the first-impression opportunity (not your CV or cover letter). Applicants who make it through the first round of review will be invited for an interview.

There are 2-3 rounds of interviews. First round interviews assess your aptitude for the kind of thinking we do at Gemic. You will be asked to read and respond to a number of short prompts (e.g. articles, scenarios) that relate to business, culture, research methods and / or project management. Second round interviews are more conversational, assessing your ability to engage with your potential teammates in an inspiring and productive way. You will be asked to provide a piece of “text” (e.g. commercial, ad, news headline) of your choosing to discuss with your interviewer.

A third round of interviews may be conducted if we need to evaluate a candidate more in-depth or to better determine who to extend an offer. In recent cycles, the decisions have been very hard because so many of you are amazing candidates!

The internship interview process does not involve case studies at this time.

Interviews are conducted in pairs by a variety of Gems, ranging from Senior Strategist to Director. Final offers are decided by the internship committee.

What advice would you have for the interview?

It sounds trite, but the best advice is to be yourself! We’re interested to learn what you can specifically and authentically bring to the Gemic community.

Besides a good night’s sleep, the best way to prepare for an interview is to have a clear agenda of personal or professional details you’d like to share and a prioritized list of questions you’d like to ask us.

Also, keep in mind that your interview may be held remotely. You’ll want to secure an environment where you can read attentively, carry on a conversation, think out loud, and jot down notes.

Above all, don’t be afraid to be open and explorative. We want to understand how you process, probe and play with information in order to come to productive insights.

Where will the internship take place?

Currently, we accept interns to our New York, Berlin, London, and Toronto offices. Each office typically hosts 2-3 interns per cycle (Winter and Summer).

Ultimately, you will be assigned to an office based on your location and your work authorizations. Additional placement factors may include the need for particular interns with particular skill sets in different offices and remote work capability.

Does Gemic sponsor visas?

Unfortunately, we are not able to sponsor visas or work permits in any country. You must have prior legal work authorization in the country to which you are applying.

How much does the internship pay?

Interns are paid monthly and compensation for each office is as follows:

New York: $3,600 (USD); Berlin: €2,200 (EUR); London: £2,100 (GBP); Toronto: $3,700 (CAD).

Working at Gemic

How does Gemic differ from other consulting firms?

Gemic is unique in three ways –– at least!

Firstly, we aim to work with leading global companies that have the potential and desire to reimagine our collective future; we aim to be their trusted advisors and partners, rather than just their strategy vendors. Ultimately, this means that we see each project as an opportunity to navigate big, hairy, audacious questions with long-term impact, rather than as one-off transactions.

Whilst rooted in anthropology, Gemic is also unique in its deeply multidisciplinary approach to business consultancy, which has equipped our client partners with robust and revelatory insight into the macro context informing their business, foresight into new social paradigms of value and disruptive new precedents for product and service innovation

Beyond the rigor and uniqueness of our approach, Gemic prides itself on being the “friendly business consultancy,” known for its egalitarian ethos and a commitment to hiring people who are not just brilliant, but passionate, empathetic, kind and collaborative as well.

What do interns do?

As an intern, you’ll hit the ground running as an equal member of your project teams, and while no two projects are the same, you can expect to participate in day-to-day thinking, research, analysis, report writing, client meetings, and potential business travel.

To ensure a smooth transition into the role, you’ll be paired with a buddy, who’ll provide day-to-day support on all things Gemic, and a coach, who will help you to outline and meet your goals for the internship.

Besides client work, interns also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of internal groups and initiatives related to upskilling, business development, cultural and thought-leadership.

What kinds of projects will I get to work on?

Our work often focuses on developing foundational human or cultural insight, brand strategy, innovation strategy, or foresight. Details here.

Clients typically partner with us when they seek to develop growth strategies with profound value to people, society, and shareholders, in both the near and long-term future. More here.

As an intern, you’ll be assigned to a project team based on project availability and resource needs, but additional factors may include your skillsets and passion areas. Oftentimes, Gemic also takes a global approach to building project teams, meaning that Gems based in North America may have an opportunity to work with Gems based in Europe.

What happens after the internship?

The internship is one of the pathways to an entry-level Strategist role at Gemic and we typically choose interns with a goal of hiring.

Toward the end of your internship, your coach will collect feedback from your project team members and provide a recommendation to the Management Team, who will make a final decision on whether to extend an offer for full-time employment.

Ultimately, a job offer is not guaranteed and will depend on factors like positive feedback from team members, contribution to Gemic’s thinking and culture, recommendations from coaches, business needs of the company, and candidate availability.

Hiring at Gemic

What do you look for in an ideal candidate?

There is no typical Gemic profile, but overall, we look for exceptionally curious, creative, collaborative and humble humans who have a sincere interest in a consulting career and a demonstrated passion for dissecting business and culture.

Generally, we look for the following skill sets:

  • Demonstrated intellectual curiosity or achievement (this is most likely academic or professional, but we will consider other serious examples)
  • Research and analysis skills
  • Strong self-management and time-management skills
  • Thoughtful and clear communication, inclusive of active listening
  • Ability to think strategically, including developing frameworks for understanding business challenges or cultural phenomenon
  • Ability to formulate compelling insights and points of view

We also look for the following qualities:

  • Ambitious, curious and collaborative thinkers
  • Culturally or linguistically fluent
  • Humble and relate to one another
  • Easily inspired by colleagues through casual, conversational interactions
  • Passionate about social sciences, business, technology, humanities, and/or design
  • Passionate about telling stories and “connecting the dots”
  • Genuinely nice; people who meet everyone at eye-level with equal respect regardless of their position in an established hierarchy

What is Gemic’s POV on diversity and inclusion?

As a global team of thinkers, we believe that a diversity of perspectives makes us better, not just at decoding the world today, but also at building the future we want to see.

We intentionally seek global talent from a variety of academic, professional and experiential backgrounds and our growing team includes a mix of anthropologists, political scientists, economists, journalists, historians, technologists, futurists, designers and beyond.

What is Gemic’s stance on racial and ethnic diversity and inclusion?

We have made a specific commitment to increasing the racial and ethnic diversity at Gemic because diverse teams are more successful by nearly every meaningful professional metric and because strategists from diverse backgrounds bring voices and perspectives that have been historically underrepresented in the top tiers of consulting.

That said, we know that Black people, Indigenous people, and other People of Color experience unique barriers when it comes to access, professional development, networking and leadership opportunities within the consulting industry. In response, Gemic has invested in several initiatives aimed at providing support and resources for diverse talent, including an anti-racism task force that serves to implement best practices of DEI within the workplace and the BIPOC Strategist Working Group, which serves to foster support and sense of belonging within Gemic.

Hear more about what current Gems of color have to say about their Gemic experience and about why diversity matters in consulting.

Diversity in consulting 

Culture at Gemic

How is the work-life balance at Gemic?

Interns work a typical 9-5 schedule, but given that we operate on a project-based model, you can expect each day to vary based on your active projects and the needs of those projects.

It’s important to know that consulting comes with the occasional period of intensive work –– particularly before a deadline!

However, Gemic prides itself on being a people-first workplace that is committed to supporting the holistic well-being of its employees. This includes creating mechanisms for Gems to “check-in” with their support team, routinely soliciting company-wide feedback on work-life balance, planning projects to ensure teams have adequate support and bandwidth.

Importantly, Gemic does not valorize over-working, micro-management, or facetime, and Gems are trusted to approach their daily work in ways that balance their personal wellbeing with optimal productivity.

How does Gemic approach professional development?

Gemic is committed to providing learning and development opportunities to all employees.

As a new hire, you will be paired with a coach who will help to onboard you to Gemic’s ways of working and set formal goals for your development. In the case of interns and fellows, a “buddy” is also assigned to be your guide into Gemic’s culture and to offer support day-to-day.
Full-time hires also receive a yearly budget to use on independent learning, tools or resources that further your professional and personal development and wellness.

Feedback is also a significant part of the workplace culture at Gemic and Gems have both formal and informal opportunities to give and receive feedback relative to their participation in a project or other type of organizational initiative throughout the year.
Finally, Gemic has instituted a transparent matrix of roles, with guidance on responsibilities, benchmarks and promotions between roles.

This matrix is shared with every new hire as a tool for you and your coach to ensure alignment on professional goals.

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