Visual Communications Designer

About Gemic

Gemic is a growth strategy firm with offices in NYC, Berlin, and Toronto. Grounded by the methods of the social sciences, inspired by the humanities, and reinforced by the analytical rigor of strategy consulting – we use cross-disciplinary methods to help some of the largest global companies translate emerging shifts in society, culture, and technology into clear future directions and value propositions.

Our team is made up of anthropologists, philosophers, economists, sociologists, political scientists, and futurists. We hail from over 10 countries, speak 14 languages, and always work in small teams that carry a project from inception, through research and strategy, into design-led solutions.

About the Role

Gemic delves into the world of the unspoken and unseen – the rules and conventions that guide social behavior and norms and the beliefs that shape what people see as good and valuable. These intangibles shape human experience but often lack a vocabulary and voice.

The primary role of a visual communications designer is to help our team of researchers share their learnings through visualizing evidence, portraying the lives of people we encounter in our research, and building explanatory models and frameworks that distill our learnings into memorable concepts and ideas.

When not actively working to communicate work, you will help build and execute the strategy for the Gemic brand. As our work touches on many new digital platforms, we will need to build a coherent system that works across them all and enable our team to work while maintaining consistency and quality. You will also help champion design internally and help develop a strong design culture within the company.

You will be based in one of our three offices, serving a global function out of either NYC, Berlin, or Toronto. While our team is currently working remotely in line with Covid measures, there will be an opportunity to travel across all three offices when in-person work resumes – enabling you to collaborate with and immerse in each of our local teams.

Your Skills

  • Baseline skills are visual communication design and graphic design.
  • Being able to quickly and effectively communicate ideas through sketching and diagrams.
  • Being open to go beyond visual communication and helping teams in building narratives and structuring stories.
  • The ability to bring concepts to life via illustration, 3D or other techniques are highly appreciated.
  • The ability to support the internal teams in delivering innovation strategies through formats such as video, interactive experiences, and exhibits.
  • Being hands-on and capable of managing and prioritizing multiple workstreams.
  • Being personable, open, engaging, and a good listener.

Your Future at Gemic

You will have a chance to make a lasting impact on the way a company visually communicates its ideas and expresses its brand. Starting with core communications media that directly affect our work, and later extending to how we present ourselves to the broader world, we hope that your direction will help establish Gemic to be a visually memorable brand.

Key tasks/responsibilities

  • Visual communications development for client-facing deliverables
  • Visual systems development for the Gemic brand across digital (and some physical) assets
  • Information design, data visualization, and graphic presentation of visual content
  • Acting as a design ambassador and custodian of the Gemic brand within the company

What you should be

We expect candidates to have at least two years of practical experience or formal education in visual design.

To apply, please go to the Visual Communications Designer Application page.