Senior Strategist – Toronto

Overview of Role

This role specialises in the collaborative development of actionable insights and narratives, based on in-depth social research, to identify business opportunities and drive strategy. Its scope of work will not be limited to a single industry or subject matter, but this role will be prioritised for projects focusing on product and service innovation (where they become available). The successful candidate will have a background in one or more of the following disciplines: social sciences, humanities, human-centred design. 3+ years of relevant work experience are required. 

This role is based in Toronto, and will be performed remotely until Gemic’s Toronto office resumes normal operations in the context of Covid-19 safety (at which point a hybrid of on-site and remote work will be the expectation). 


  • Assist with development of client pitches and pre-sale conversations.
  • Help scope research methods and phases to fit project objectives and constraints – variously drawing upon ethnography, foresight, semiotics, UX, and quantitative approaches such as market sizing.
  • Collaboratively generate compelling narratives to drive client thinking forward.
  • Help translate research insights into meaningful business insights: culturally relevant strategy and value propositions to drive brand, product, and service platform development.
  • Assist with regular client reporting and development of client-facing deliverables.
  • Act as a liaison and trusted advisor to clients on small-to mid-level projects, as well as a core member of larger, more complex projects.
  • Help coach junior staff, and foster an intellectually ambitious culture.
  • Help develop the company’s portfolio of research methods and best practices, while occasionally advising on acquisition of new tools / software subscriptions. 
  • Help enrich the intellectual capital of your team by following trends and bodies of knowledge that interest you, and sharing your perspectives on them. 
  • Be nice. 


  • 3+ years of experience in designing and executing research-based knowledge work.
  • Degree in either a social science (e.g. sociology, anthropology, psychology), design discipline (e.g. human-centred design, industrial design) or business discipline (e.g. business commerce).
  • Proficient in qualitative research methods and data management. 
  • Experience with client-oriented projects. “Clients” can be external (representatives of other companies) or internal (representatives of other lines of business within the same company).
  • The ability to work through ambiguity, and navigate divergent opinions about insights and recommendations with team members.
  • Openness to alternative ways of research, thinking, and strategy development.
  • Commitment to continued learning and professional development. 


  • Experience with product or service innovation, especially in concept ideation and prototyping.
  • Deep familiarity with any of the following verticals: tech, finance, healthcare. 
  • Exposure to large corporate cultures and ways of decision-making (to better empathize with clients). 
  • Quantitative research skills.

What you’ll gain

  • Intellectual breadth resulting from close collaboration with diverse mindsets and specialisations, including: anthropologists, designers, historians, artists, and economists. 
  • Greater familiarity with the design and execution of high-impact strategy projects, resulting from exposure to globally recognized brands.
  • Versatility in project work, resulting from working across the arc of business strategy (from exploratory research to concept testing).
  • The confidence of knowing you’re working with expert and empathetic collaborators.


To apply, please send CV to with the subject line “Senior Strategist – Toronto.”

Thank you for your interest in Gemic.